Merchant Boarding and Underwriting

Our CRM system has a comprehensive online application system that allows you to build multiple online applications supporting over 100+ ISO’s and Processors, integration with PDF documents to deliver your clients pre-populated paperwork and merchant processing agreements for signature, multi-status level tracking, email notifications for clients and sales agents/managers, credit checks, background checks, instant bank verification review and reports, uploading original signed documents from clients, monitor daily transactions and batches, and monitor customer service and trouble ticket support activity.

Online Applications Supporting Multiple Processors

Our online application management system allows you to add, edit, manage, and customize unlimited online user applications for each processor that you are submitting merchant accounts. These online applications are for in-house use by your employees and sales partners in order to board new client account details into your CRM software. When you add new ISO/Bank/Processor names of the companies you are submitting accounts, you are able to edit/customize the fields for each online application to match the fields of the PDF application.

Online Application API/XML Integration with Processors

This section has online applications built into the CRM software, along with PDF merchant application paperwork integrated into the CRM software. When you submit a new online application, the system will generate PDF merchant applications with all fields mapped and populating onto the PDF from the fields saved in the CRM database. In addition to the online application, pre-populated PDF documents, the online applications in this section is fully integrated with the ISO/Processor system via API/XML methods. Click one button and these applications will be automatically transmitted and submitted to the ISO/Processor, saving you time and resources from manually submitting a new online application duplicate times.

Third Party Integrations

Bankcard Pros CRM Software includes the following Integrations with over 50+ third-party applications as follows:

  • Dymo Mailing Label Printer
  • Dymo Business Card Scanner
  • Ship Rush Shipping (UPS)
  • RightSign Electronic Signatures
  • Adobe EchoSign Electronic Signatures
  • OnDeck Capital Pre-Qualification submissions
  • Microbilt IBV Consumer Internet Bank Account Verification
  • ACRANet Credit Check
  • CredCo Credit Check
  • Thompson Reuter – Background Check
  • Skype VOIP Click-To-Call via Phone or SoftPhone
  • Vonage VOIP Click-To-Call via Phone or SoftPhone
  • RingCentral VOIP Click-To-Call via Phone or SoftPhone

Integration with ISO and Processors

  • iPayment (Live Merchant Boarding)
  • PowerPay (Live Merchant Boarding)
  • GlobalPay (Live Merchant Boarding)

Leads and Telemarketing System

  • Create lead appointments, tasks, reminders
  • send letter templates
  • prepare rate quotes
  • upload statements
  • keep track of all notes and activity for each lead
  • Create and customize unlimited letter templates for leads system
  • Letter templates are linked to your document download section so you can attach documents before sending out letter template emails
  • Set user access rights for new letter templates and share with all users or keep private
  • Create and customize lead status levels
  • Create and customize lead list names
  • Upload/import unlimited amount of leads and assign to any user
  • Manually add leads and assign to any user
  • Convert all data from business leads to live online merchant applications
  • Rate quote and cost analysis proposal + Interchange rate quote calculator,
  • Receive driving to and from directions for all lead appointments
  • Disable user ability to delete leads or create lead list names
  • Choose which lead status categories/levels you want
  • Telemarketers to access/view
  • Choose which users you want each telemarketer to setup appointments
  • Setup fixed commissions for telemarketers per appointment
  • Setup and choose status level of the commissions will be approved for payroll,
  • link will instantly provide you Driving Directions to the Business
  • Instant links will provide you the ability to search the DBA Business name with Google, BBB, D&B, and Yellow Page searches
  • Call link icons for all phone # fields automatically dials and calls the phone number using your Skype, RingCentral, Vonage, or 8x8 VOIP Click2Call using the softphone desktop app for these vendors
  • Instant links will provide you the ability to search the Phone number fields with Google and reverse phone search utilities
  • Fax link ICON for all Fax # fields automatically dials and calls the Fax number to fax a cover letter and attached documents
  • Instant WHOIS link will provide you the ability to do a WHOIS search for the website address

Leads / Sales Activity / Sales Projection Reporting

  • Sales team group leader showing progress of team leaders
  • Team activity report showing progress of all team members
  • Per user activity report showing all activity per user on a daily basis, including date, time, user ip address, type of change, item #, DBA name, activity details includes status change, new account created, new note added, new doc uploaded, new task, new appointment, and more
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales statistics
  • Lead upsell opportunities
  • Import and export leads
  • View duplicate leads and accounts boarded already
  • Lead rotation and assignment
  • Waiting for documents status reports
  • Lead status reporting
  • MCA leads reporting
  • Total sales completed dashboard
  • Sales goal dashboard

Project Task Board Manager

Bankcard Pros CRM Software provides your business with a project task board with a simple drag and drop project tracking web app that gives you a big picture view of things you’re working on.

Employee Time Clock, Mileage Reports, and Business Expenses

Keep track of employee time and attendance by providing your hourly employees clock in and out each day. Our CRM software keeps track of regular hours worked per day, overtime hours, and calculates taxes so you can pay your employees each week via the ACH Billing integration. Our crm also allows you to keep track of vehicles, vehicle mileage, and business expenses.

Document Management

Keep track of all documents uploaded in the entire CRM including the address book, leads system, document library, merchant applications, merchant cash advance contracts, trouble ticket system, and user profiles. View documents uploaded per merchant, per user, per day, and per account #.

ACH Billing (Payroll and Collections)

With ACH Billing, your company will be able to submit debit and/or credit billing or payroll transactions for merchants, employees, and sales agents for the employee time clock, recurring billing, trouble ticketing system, merchant cash advance collections and payments, monthly residual report, upfront bonuses and commissions, referral partner fees. Our CRM software allows you to connect to major ACH Processing companies such as:

  • ACHWorks
  • Transax 
  • Meritus 
  • Forte 
  • USA ePay 
  • 
  • Sage

Daily Transaction and Batch Reporting

View daily and monthly batch and transaction activity reports for your merchant portfolio including transaction history, batch history, transaction statistics, daily sales transaction report, non-activity alerts, and more. View detailed daily transaction reports including dba name, transaction date and time, terminal id #, primary account #, transaction #, card type, transaction type, results, and transaction amount

Multi-Level Residual Reporting

Calculates and sorts residuals by Month/Year, Vendor, User, Merchants, and Net Profit, 8-level user account networking capabilities, Multiple users can share in residual % per merchant account, Setup default residual % profit sharing for all merchants, Setup residual % profit sharing for individual merchant accounts, Add additional users to share residual profits for individual merchant accounts

Electronic Signatures

Our CRM software allows you to submit your applications and paperwork to your clients for electronic signatures within the leads, merchant account boarding, and merchant cash advance system. Choose recipients, choose documents, and then submit the documents. Your clients will receive an email. Once they sign electronically, the CRM will receive information back informing you the signature process has been completed and allow you to view the envelope and documents with signatures.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our CRM software provides over 50+ management and ownership the ability to access user and client activity reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis including the following reports:

  • Merchant Activity 
  • User Activity 
  • Team Activity 
  • Support Note Logging Activity 
  • Trouble Ticket Activity 
  • ACH Reject Reports 
  • Invalid TIN Reports 
  • Equipment Trade-Ins 
  • Equipment Return Tracking 
  • Equipment History 
  • Equipment Rentals 
  • Trouble ticket activity 
  • Manage trouble tickets 
  • Trouble Ticket statistics 
  • Trouble Ticket billing
  • Trouble Ticket Billing setup 
  • Lead Team activity 
  • Lead User activity 
  • Lead sales forecast 
  • Lead sales statistics 
  • Lead upsell options 
  • Lead duplicate management 
  • Lead assignment and rotation 
  • Referral statistics 
  • My referrals 
  • User Payroll summary 
  • User Merchant Application pay 
  • User Leasing pay 
  • User MCA pay 
  • User residual pay 
  • User hourly pay 
  • Merchant invoices 
  • Sales agent invoices 
  • Sales agent commissions 
  • Telemarketer commissions 
  • Residual payroll 
  • Upfront payroll 
  • ACH returns 
  • ACH transactions 
  • Residual reports 
  • Corporate statistics 
  • Portfolio forecast 
  • Portfolio valuation 
  • Monthly residual summary

Trouble Ticketing Billing System

Submit trouble tickets including ticket issue, subject, details, description, responsibility for users involved, status, priority, support type, customer phone #, customer contact information, add and view notes, upload documents, record and track billing hours and payments, and view history. View comprehensive reports such as daily ticket activity, manage daily tickets, view ticket statistics, view ticket billing information including dba name, # tickets submitted for the month, monthly fee$, hours included per month, MTD hours used, billable hours, per hour, total due, and hours available.

Tools to Help Your Staff Manage Support Services and Activity

Daily reminders and alerts for all tasks/reminders and appointments emailed to users daily, Trouble ticketing system, General knowledgebase, News alerts and announcements, Document download library, Attach documents to tasks/reminders, news alerts, knowledgebase articles, trouble tickets, Internet-based training curriculum, Training videos, Email marketing campaigns, Document Management and Viewing, Referral Partner Management and Tracking, Equipment and Supplies Inventory Tracking / Shopping Cart System.

Multi-User Profile Management

Our CRM allows you to manage multi-user networks in the system so multiple users can share in profits for upfront bonuses and commissions as well as monthly residuals.

  • User groups could be regional offices, sales offices, sales managers, sales agents, inside sales agents, telemarketers, and referral partners.
  • Setup unlimited user accounts, User #, Office #, System ID#, Upload User Photo,
  • User Faxing setup capabilities
  • Send password reset features via email
  • Setup and view direct and indirect user residual % profit sharing values
  • Upload and view all documentation, contracts, and paperwork for each user
  • Keep notes with dates and times of all activity, calls, emails, disciplinary action, and training provided for each user
  • Keep track of all trouble tickets created for each user account
  • Create personal links for referral forms, online merchant application forms, and career opportunity inquiry forms to add to users personal websites
  • User/Network Logo Upload Management
  • User Banking Information (Optional Data)
  • Online Apps the User is Allowed to Access/View
  • IP Addresses Used to Login Using Current User Name / IP Restriction Settings
  • View the User IM Accounts, Including: Yahoo IM, Skype IM, AOL IM, Google IM, ICQ IM, Jabber IM
  • View the User Social Networking Accounts, Including: LinkedIn URL, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Blogger URL, YouTube URL, WordPress URL, Wikipedia URL, Tagged URL, LiveJournal URL, 360.Yahoo URL, Other Blog URL

Rate Quote Calculators

  • Customer equipment and software proposal system
  • Cost and savings rate quote
  • Merchant Cash  Advance Comparison Calculator
  • Comprehensive 3‐Statement Cost Comparison & Rate Quote Proposal
  • Interchange Rate Quote Proposal
  • IC Plus. 2‐Tier, 3‐Tier, and 4‐Tier Cost Comparison Quote
  • Online Application with Special Rates and Fees Quote
  • Gift Card Return‐On‐Investment (ROI) Calculator

Dymo Mailing Label Printing

With Bankcard Pros CRM, you are able to print mailing labels for any leads, merchant accounts, user accounts, address book contacts, and merchant cash advance accounts. With the click of one button, the crm will print a mailing label using the contact fields of the account you are viewing. Label, mail, and file smarter with proprietary DYMO Productivity Software, featuring the new DYMO Label v.8, DYMO File and Address Fixer. DYMO Label v.8 software enables you to create and print address, shipping, file, folder and barcode labels, plus name badges and more ‐ all without the extra work and hassles of printing sheet labels on a standard desktop printer. The LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo label printer holds two label rolls, so you can print labels and postage even faster. Label, mail, and file smarter with proprietary DYMO Productivity Software, featuring the new DYMO Label v.8, DYMO Stamps, DYMO File and Address Fixer. DYMO Label v.8 software enables you to create and print address, shipping, file, folder and barcode labels, plus name badges and more ‐ all without the extra work and hassles of printing sheet labels on a standard desktop printer.

Dymo Business Card Scanner

With Bankcard Pros CRM, you are able to scan, save, map, and convert the data from the business card into the CRM database and instantly save as a lead. With the click of one button, the crm will print a mailing lable using the contact fields of the account you are viewing.

CardScan Executive combines a fast and accurate color-capable business card scanner with the latest version of our award-winning CardScan contact management software. Capture contact data without typing! Scan directly from business cards or drag and drop from emails, Web pages. New features let you scan business cards directly into Microsoft Outlook (Windows only), verify and correct US addresses and ZIP + 4 codes, and more. Sync seamlessly with Outlook, Act! Standard and Premium for Workgroups, and Lotus Notes (Windows) or Mac® Address Book (Mac). Scan business cards in 7 languages, from 14 different countries.

Ship Rush Shipping (UPS, FedEx, USPS)

The fast, integrated tool to print FedEx shipping labels. Forget about copy and paste! ShipRush makes label printing simple and straightforward. ShipRush is an award-winning shipping application that integrates with a variety of systems to make your shipping process faster, easier and more efficient. ShipRush will Automatically import address information, Post back shipment information, Email shipment notifications, Validate domestic shipping addresses, Process international shipments, ShipRush with ecommerce can process labels in bulk and print packing lists, FedEx savings of up to 21% with no monthly minimum. ShipRush is published by Z-Firm LLC. We make parcel shipping integrated and easy. Z-Firm's mission: The best, most productive shipping experience in a system that is easy to install and use. Founded in 1992, Z-Firm has been making parcel shipping software since 1998. Our solutions have the relevant authorizations and certifications from the shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Post Office). Our out-of-box integrated software integrates with ecommerce, accounting, POS and CRM software from the major publishers (Intuit, Microsoft, and Sage).