“Our switch to Bankcard Pros CRM/MCA was a completely service based decision. Dealing with our previous vendor for so long was a constant battle to correct their mistakes with our reporting and database for many years. You would not believe the (documented) nightmares I have been through and the obstacles he’s created to overcome those nightmares. There were many instances when I had to show him corrections in his work and I don’t think his ego took kindly to it. He would argue and cause a tremendous stir for a few weeks, but then eventually make the corrections. We have lost many, many sales reps along the way as well as having our integrity questioned by many in the industry – because many felt we were purposely altering our residuals and merchant hierarchies to benefit ourselves: completely false.  I am pleased to no end to begin a new relationship with a company (Bankcard Pros CRM/MCA) who has a fully functional product.”

Jarrett Smotrillo, National Sales Manager

“Bankcard Pros has been providing our company their solution for the last two years, we use this system for entering all of our merchant applications which ties into our core software platform and loads the front end system and then to FDR's system, we export the gathered data from each merchant agreement and export to our core software, this allows us to pull credit reports and file builds for specific front end authorization networks. This product has allowed Newtek to continue to customize this to our system changed that are unique to our company. We currently support 40 independent agents as well as an inside sales team., we use the system to enter approximately 250 new merchant applications per month.”

David Petry, VP National Sales

“Bankcard Pros provides you with everything you need to run a sales office from day one including CRM software, marketing and advertising materials, sales collateral, and a complete web presence,”

Allen Kopelman, CEO, Florida

“I have known Robert for approximately 10 years and in that time he has ALWAYS demonstrated a tremendous grasp of his Profession. He has a great Work Ethic and Personable demeanor and is a Perfomance-based Professional that will work diligently to get your project completed. I Highly recommend his IT skills.”

Neil Singleton, Managing Partner at RAMSFIRE GLOBAL LLC.