We’re proud of our Business Access CRM Account Tracking Software

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It's as simple as that." - Earl Nightingale

Business Access CRM Software’s goal is to provide superior CRM software, consulting, and marketing services for the electronic payment processing industry, including Independent Sales Organizations (ISO), Merchant Services Providers (MSP), Merchant Level Sales (MLS), and Independent Sales Agents (ISA).

We are undeniably proud of our Business Access CRM, designed with the most current web-based technology to make your business more efficient, enhance productivity, increase corporate appeal and, importantly, reduce running costs.

Today’s CRM market is a tough one. As developers of a CRM product, we know a myriad of different products are available, each claiming to provide the functionality needed to run your business in a more effective manner.

Business Access CRM is the result of a decade-long period of investment by a dedicated team of software developers who know your industry, your needs and requirements. We created a CRM product that specifically targets the Bankcard industry, while providing a flexible product that can be customized according to the particular needs of your company.

Business Access CRM’s web-based features include:

Merchant account boarding and status reports - email notifications - daily sales statistics - address book - birthday lists - export mailing lists - leads and telemarketing - different rate quote calculators - calendar – events, appointments, tasks, reminders, training, and holidays scheduling - online form builder - recruitment - messaging – periodical statistics - submit internal apps - online merchant applications - submit referral leads - search apps - employee attendance time clock - residual reporting - user invoice - upfront bonuses - upfront residuals - performance bonus - equipment sales and leasing - volume bonuses - setup fees bonuses - lease upfront bonus - equipment inventory and costs tracking - user account management - referral partner management - internet-based training curriculum - business card order tracking - trouble tickets – knowledgebase - document download library - news and announcements. And remember… all features are well supported by online training.

So what can Business Access CRM do for you?

Business Access CRM is designed the streamline your business. Our product is designed with your sales staff in mind, ensuring easy-to-use functionality that manages everything from daily sales progress and commissions, equipment lease funding and monthly residual reports, to selling, tracking and deploying merchant accounts.

Business Access CRM allows the user easy access to information, displayed in a logical and well-executed design. One-click button functionality and dropdown menus make it simple to move between screens, making sure your staff can both collect, provide and inform customers in the most time-effective manner. After all, good business practices today demand that your customers have instant access to information.

Likewise, we know that CRM users need to feel comfortable with a product they employ on a daily basis. Business Access CRM Software has designed informative, easy-to-follow and comprehensive online training support that covers each and every aspect of Business Access CRM. Our online support empowers staff to use a pro-active approach, to ensure they can improve their ongoing knowledge of the CRM without the need for time-consuming telephone support.

Our goal is to build superior CRM software – we think we’ve done that. However, we also know that keeping our software at the top of the market demands ongoing, methodical improvements. We continue to invest heavily in the software’s design and functionality to make certain Business Access CRM remains as relevant for business tomorrow as it is today.

Take a closer look at Business Access CRM

As we mentioned, our CRM provides a wide range of functionality, so your entire sales team and marketing staff have information available at their fingertips.

From information gathering to extensive reporting capabilities, from a truly usable knowledgebase to user-friendly systems covering a wide range of functionality, our CRM allows your staff to be independent while working within your company’s internal regulations. We designed the following system features to give users access to information in a readily available and efficient manner.

We had you in mind when we built Business Access CRM

Business Access CRM is designed to support Independent Sales Organizations and Sales Professionals. We believe our CRM software suite will play an integral role in every sales office marketing strategy, by improving the ability to deliver information and services in a timely and effective way.

Business Access CRM Account Tracking Software was developed exclusively for the electronic payment processing industry, from small-to-large sales offices. Our product organizes business operations and communications between management, employees and independent sales agents, no matter where they are located.

Business Access CRM provides a one-stop web-based solution for sales offices that organizes and manages all aspects of your company, allowing sales agents to work efficiently in any location – an Internet connection ensures up-to-date information sharing in real time.

What you should know about us…

Our mission is to make small businesses look great. We do this by providing small businesses with web development and graphic design services that inspire and enable businesses to connect emotionally with their customers.

Business Access CRM Software, LLC. began the design and development of Business Access CRM Account Tracking Software in 2003 and to date has served over 1,500 clients nationwide.

Business Access CRM Software, LLC. was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas as a professional web development and creative services company providing sales, marketing, advertising, web, and technology consulting services to small, medium, and large businesses nationwide within the electronic payment processing industry.

Business Access CRM Software is an experienced, well established web design company specializing in website design, creative design, and e-commerce development. We have planned, created and launched hundreds of successful websites since our inception for many businesses globally.

In 2003, Business Access CRM Software entered into software programming and development. The company developed Business Access CRM Account Tracking Software, an exciting and high-demand, web-based software solution customized specifically for small-to-large sales offices within the electronic payment processing industry.

What we believe… and how that benefits our customers

Success or failure as a human being is not a matter of luck or circumstances. The power to achieve a dream is in our hands - and the first step is to identify specific goals that will move a dream from the realm of imagination into the world of reality. After all, it's much easier to get what you want out of life when you know where you really want to go.

It is with this vision that our CRM has been developed. Our goals, strategies and values are focused on generating smarter CRM software solutions that will provide greater returns for our clients, while providing world-class customer service and technical support.

Our core values are value, education, service, professionalism and training, and we believe that to create a great product we need to invest continually in our team.

The following guiding principles encapsulate the values that inform our business decisions:

It is through our ongoing conviction to these core values that we believe our team continues to improve our products. We know our customers reap the benefits of our product, created by a professional and dedicated team that is supported by strong management and which works in and open and innovative environment.

If you know where you are going… the Business Access CRM Team can help you get there.