Business Access CRM Software is a complete suite of CRM tools to manage your entire company

Comprehensive leads management system for sales agents, call centers, sales managers including lead distribution, lead rotation and assignment, lead progress, track lead statuses, view and send emails or letter templates, schedule appointments, tasks, submit online applications, provide rate quotes, print mailing labels, generate shipping costs and shipping labels, view notes, view zip code demographics such as county name, average house value, income per household, annual business payroll average, upload documents, view team leader management reports, and convert leads to customers for underwriting and approval.

Complete suite of CRM tools including referral partner tracking, web applications to link to sales websites, emails, trouble tickets, knowledgebase, document library, video library, news and announcements, job applicant form and status, over 30 management reports, project board, calendar, appointments, tasks, address book, shopping cart system, performance charts, instant messenger, employee time clock, vehicle mileage report, advanced search tools, export and print mailing label

  • API Integration for online application submission: for auto merchant boarding submission, live status update feeds, and daily batch and transaction activity live feeds with iPayment, Priority Payment Systems, Pivotal Payments, Cynergy Data, PowerPay, and more)
  • Integrated with 7 different ACH processing companies (ACHWorks,, USAePay, Transax, Forte, Sage, Meritus)
  • Process credit checks (Credco & AcraNet), background check (Thompson Reuters), instant bank verifications (Microbilt), UCC Tax Lien Search, and Secretary of State Business Search (SOS)
  • Mobile Application for our CRM
  • Setup, manage, and receive your Emails (POP3, IMAP, Gmail, Office365)
  • File syncing and sharing with your document library
  • Use the Dymo Business Card Scanner to automatically scan and save business card contact fields that will automatically save and create a new lead
  • Dymo Label Printer, automatically prints mailing labels
  • Use the ShipRush app to automatically calculate shipping costs and print shipping labels (FedEx, UPS, USPS)
  • Click-to-Call your leads with using Vonage, Skype, or RingCentral VOIP desktop apps
  • PHP LiveChat, Instant Messenger, SpeakPipe Voice Messages, Olark Live Chat

Utilizing the recruiting section to receive new applicant forms and resumes for hiring sales agents and sub-agents


Build and customize online forms, questionnaires, and surveys


Manage and track statistics for referral partner leads


Utilize the comprehensive leads and telemarketing system


Access sample cold calling and telemarketing sales pitches to use when speaking to prospects


Send letter templates to prospects and active clients via email or fax


Manage online training curriculum program for new sales agents, as well as manage and track progress, steps completed, and scores


Board new merchant accounts into the system so you can track and manage existing clients activity


Generate merchant application documents with fields already populated on PDF docs that you can view, download, print, save to your desktop, or email to your merchants


Receive daily status reports for all merchant accounts boarded into the system


Utilize 4 different rate quote calculators


Order and track the status of business card orders


Send out birthday wishes to your vendors, leads, sub-agents, and your existing merchant accounts


Access, view, and download forms, training materials, and marketing materials using the document download center


Utilize and manage all your contacts with the address book