Users can browse the knowledgebase of frequently asked questions along with answers provided by administrative users.

Edit Categories

On this page, you are able to organize the knowledgebase section by category and create as many knowledgebase categories as you wish to use.

In the edit knowledgebase categories section, you are also able to choose which knowledgebase category you want to be visible to different user types as follows:

  1. Admin users Only admin users are able to view the category and articles
  2. All users All users including admins can view the category and articles

You can also arrange the order of each knowledgebase category by moving them up or down, or delete a knowledgebase category all together.

Edit Articles

Administrative users can now add articles to all the knowledgebase categories they created in the Edit Categories section.  You would simply click on the “New Article” link, then choose a category/department name, then provide a name for the article, type in the content, and Submit.