$45.95 USD/mo/1 User
$95.95 USD/mo/3 User
$199.95 USD/mo/5 User
$299.95 USD/mo/20 User
$399.95 USD/mo/50 User
Billed Monthly
Out-of-the-box CRM for all B2B businesses. Not for Merchant Services of MCA.
$149.95 USD/mo*
Billed monthly
+ $995 setup fee

Out-of-the-box CRM for up to 3 users
Merchant Services Industry
$199.95 USD/mo
billed monthly
+$1,495 setup fee

Complete CRM for up to 5 users
Merchant Services Industry

$399.95 USD/mo
Billed Monthly
+$1,995 setup fee
Complete CRM for up to 10 users
Merchant Services Industry

$699.95 USD/mo*
Billed monthly
+ $2,995 setup fee
Complete CRM for any size team
Unlimited CRM power and support
Merchant Services Industry
MCA Cash Advance
$699.95 USD/mo
billed monthly
+$3,995 setup fee
Complete CRM + Merchant Cash Advance + ACH Processing & Billing
Merchant Services + Merchant Cash Advance Industry + Credit Check and Background Check

Plans above include the following features:

  • Send and receive Emails
  • Account and contact management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Lead management
  • Task and event tracking
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Calendar dashboard
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • User access permissions
  • Trouble ticketing system
  • Sales campaigns
  • Quotes and orders
  • Email notifications
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Web forms builder
  • Document management
  • PDF document integration
  • Shopping cart system
  • Equipment inventory
  • Equipment serial # tracking
  • Project board tracking
  • Custom app development
  • Performance charts
  • Knowledge base
  • News articles
  • Address book
  • Employee time clock
  • Vehicle & mileage tracking
  • Export mailing lists
  • Print Avery mailing labels
  • Instant messaging system
  • Internet-based training
  • Referral partner tracking
  • RSS News feeds
Merchant Services Features
Merchant account boarding
Processor API integration
Underwriting workflow
Merchant boarding status levels
Daily batch & transaction reports
Residual reporting
Daily/weekly commissions
Lease funding calculations
Sales agent invoicing
Merchant invoicing
eMerchant manager
ACH Reject reporting
Invalid TIN reporting
PCI compliance tracking
Equipment trade-ins, returns, & rentals
API Integrations
Full ACH Processing Companies
Bank NACHA File submissions
Credit check/reports
Background check/reports
Bank verification checks
DocuSign Electronic signature
Adobe EchoSign Electronic signature
Sertifi Electronic signature
Right Signature
IP Information Database
Dropbox file sharing
Skype VOIP Click2Call
Vonage VOIP Click2Call
RingCentral VOIP Click2Call
8x8 VOIP Click2Call
Five9 Call Center
YTel Auto dialer system
SpitFire Auto dialer system
Dymo business card scanner
Dymo label printer
ShipRush shipping
Tropo Voice & SMS
PHP LiveChat
SpeakPipe Voice Messages
Olark Live Chat
Merchant Cash Advance Features
Board new MCA contracts
Credit, background check/reports
bank verification reports
Bank routing # verification
UCC search tools
Over 22 Management Reports
Lender/Investor Syndication
Lender responses/declines
Upcoming renewal reporting
Underwriting Calculation Tools
MCA Contract Renewal
MCA Contract Early Payoff
Pre-Qualification Rules & Filters
Merchant Online Portal Login
OnDeck Capital Integration
Funding Calculations
MCA Funding Rate Quote
10 ACH Billing Stages
Lender ACH Withdrawal
Merchant ACH Funding
Sales Rep ACH Deposits
Merchant Daily ACH Withdrawals
Lender ACH Payback Daily Deposits
Bank NSF Reporting
Suspended Contracts
ACH Refund Processing
ACH Add-On Fee Processing
ACH Works Full Integration
Daily ACH TXN & Returns Feed
Processor Batch Split Integration
Bank NACHA File Submissions
MCA Merchant Renewals
Send Balance Statements via Email
View all Email Activity
Complete Notes History
Complete Documents History
Missed payment reports
Manual payment submission