Top 50 Features

1. Utilizing the recruiting section to receive new applicant forms and resumes for hiring sales agents and sub-agents

2. Build and customize online forms, questionnaires, and surveys

3. Manage and track statistics for referral partner leads

4. Utilize the comprehensive leads and telemarketing system

5. Access sample cold calling and telemarketing sales pitches to use when speaking to prospects

6. Send letter templates to prospects and active clients via email or fax

7. Manage online training curriculum program for new sales agents, as well as manage and track progress, steps completed, and scores

8. Board new merchant accounts into the system so you can track and manage existing clients activity

9. Generate merchant application documents with fields already populated on PDF docs that you can view, download, print, save to your desktop, or email to your merchants

10.  Receive daily status reports for all merchant accounts boarded into the system

11.  Utilize 4 different rate quote calculators

12.  Order and track the status of business card orders

13.  Send out birthday wishes to your vendors, leads, sub-agents, and your existing merchant accounts

14.  Access, view, and download forms, training materials, and marketing materials using the document download center

15.  Utilize and manage all your contacts with the address book

16.  Keep track of all equipment and software inventory, costs, pricing, and inventory on-hand

17.  Send out news articles and announcements to vendors, sub-agents, merchants

18.  Schedule training conference call events for you and your sub-agents

19.  Search the general knowledgebase for answers and training on various topics

20.  Submit trouble tickets for receiving support for you, your sub-agents, or your existing merchant accounts

21.  Export mailing lists so you can mail out letters or post cards to leads or existing merchants

22.  Create email marketing campaigns and send out marketing emails to your leads or existing merchants

23.  Keep track of your sales statistics with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports

24.  View daily sales and motivational quotes

25.  Keep track of hourly employees, sub-agents, or telemarketers by utilizing the time and attendance time clock features

26.  Schedule appointments between you and your vendors, sub-agents, employees, or business partners

27.  Schedule tasks and reminders between you and your vendors, sub-agents, employees, or business partners

28.  Schedule training events between you and your vendors, sub-agents, employees, or business partners

29.  Schedule seasonal holidays and vacations for your vendors, sub-agents, employees, or business partners

30.  Profits, Commissions, Bonuses, and Residuals: View your monthly residual report details and profit from each merchant account. Track over 10 different bonus and commission options available on the invoice for each new merchant account boarded